Virtual Crate Digging



Nick Dwyer aka Flintpope has dug deep into his virtual crates over at to create a Reaktor instrument that combines four sound banks in a set-up that allows real flexibility. With thousands of possible combinations of drum loops, ambient sounds, percussive weirdness and minute-long sound-fields coupled with easy mouse-drag on the fly live remixability you’ll be creating original grooves and musical textures in seconds.

Hear some of the possibilities over at

OR jump in and get creative with the actual instrument over on GUMROAD

OR read more here…


LOFI MELODIC HIP HOP Sample Layer Player for Reaktor 6.2.2 (full version)

LOFI MELODIC HIP HOP is essentially a 4 x sample-loop playback instrument with realtime remixing capability to get interestingly varied results.

With a LOFI HIP HOP flavour.

This player is designed to create an infinite variety of LOFI drum loops (or even just atmospheres) with a melodic feel.

FOUR samplers each loaded with Flintpope sound designs can be triggered by your keyboard and scanned with a mouse drag while playing to remix the final result on the fly. Record as you go along with Reaktor’s built in facility or use a DAW.

SAMPLE Bank 1 is the 12 MINUTES sound bank taken from Flintpope’s pack of the same name on

SAMPLE Bank 2 the LOOPER sound bank taken from Flintpope’s STRANGELOOPS pack on

SAMPLE Bank 3 is the DRUMS section taken from Flintpope’s Reaktor instrument DRUMBOX

SAMPLE Bank 4 is the AMBIENT sound bank taken from Flintpope’s Reaktor instrument SONGLINES

There are 16 presets to give a flavour of these possibilities. Double click “Embedded” in the presets side-pane or use the drop-down menu in the device header.

The instrument also features Master Envelope and Velocity Sensitivity, Master Level and Pan.

The most useful dial is OVERLAP. The most useful control is the OUTPUT SCANNER.

Each sampler also has its own unique controls for Sample Choice, Pitch, Level and playback Start-point.

The value of this set-up is the ability to easily replace the samples with your own*

*(Need advice? Go to the Reaktor 6 Diving Deeper manual and open Chapter 8, page 69 (The Sample Map Editor) for a detailed guide.

Ensure all samples are set to midi note 60 and the keyboard range is for the correct midi note range inclusive for each sampler so the selector dials to operate correctly).

MIDI CC Controls

CC1 Overlap (mix setting)
CC14 – 17 Select Samples
CC18 – 21 Faders
CC22 – 25 Startpoints
CC26 – 29 Pitch




Kick goes Native

A Flintpope synth TALKBOXKICKER gets polished up on NI Blog.

It’s free too!

Creator 326

1146 sounds up there on SOUNDS.COM so far and many more to come.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 8.14.15 pm





Do you want a quick-fix drumlooper? Well, this is a Reaktor 6 instrument consisting of 4 sets of 24 musical drum loops that play against each other to create complex, textured beats. Don’t miss the REFILL also

The total possible combinations of 4 sets of 24 musical drum loops is 96 x 96 which totals a staggering 9216 variations (and that’s not factoring-in mute or solo into the possible arrangements). You don’t need to worry that your beats will sound like anyone else’s.

All sounds and tune-snippets are Flintpope originals and completely royalty-free. A lot of care has gone into making these loops SOUND as if they’ve been lifted off records but they haven’t; all 96 have been carefully crafted in Ableton Live.





Interested in adding improvised beats to your tracks in the studio or for your live setup? Want something new to get your teeth into in Reaktor? Say hello to Flintpope’s DRUMBOX.

DRUMBOX can provide a quick sketchbook for making beats or as an improvisational live instrument. All the sounds are accessible over a short keyboard range on midi channel one and it’s easy to write new material on the fly..

The core of DRUMBOX is a bank of 128 Flintpope original tempo-synced drumloops that can be played out live as they are or treated with the various FX and stutter dials detailed on GUMROAD.  Drumloop styles range from sparse funky live kits through housey ambiences, to lo-fi shufflebeats to brutally fried electronic mash-ups. Simply trigger playback with the spacebar or play arrow at top of Reaktor. Change tempo there too.

Added to this are 128 Flintpope pads and atmospheric sounds mapped over one octave to add texture. Owners of previous Flintpope libraries won’t have heard these already as they’ve been made specially for this release. There is also a 4-wave synth bass/lead and a drumkit to add more detail to the loops or to write NEW loops in your DAW.