Ambient looping with ATMOS+


ATMOS and ATMOS REFILL for NI Reaktor 6.

Take 36 ambiences (that evolve and loop forwards and backwards for as long as you hold the keys down) and rack them up in a Reaktor sampler with 17 controllable parameters*

Then double them up to play against each other in a set of 1296 possible combinations.

Then treat them with 8 master effects**

Then you have ATMOS for Reaktor 6.


DL contains two ensembles

*17 controllable parameters*

Each rack features: Volume, Pitch, Warp (a vinyl effect), Frequency Shift, Rand(om selection of sample playback with every key-press), Sample Selector, Start(point of sample playback), ADSR, Reverb, Reverb Size, Delay, LFO (On/Off, Rate and Waveform). The tempo-synced LFO which is routed to the delay for interesting, curious repeat effects.

**8 master effects**

Vinyl (crackle), Tape (hiss), Chorus, Fourth order (24 db/octave) resonant filter as used in the Pro-52 virtual synthesizer to provide Resonance and Cutoff, Delay (tempo synced), Reverb and Compression.

All routed to master Volume with pan L and R. Ships with 16 Presets. Infinite user presets are easily created.



Palette is a VST/AU for creating and playing rich, evolving pads on Mac and Windows platforms.

Inspired by the look of a paintbox there are eight coloured rectangles. Each one is a trigger for a sample. The colour changes to red to let you know which ones are in use.There are eight Flintpope samples, all chosen for sonic richness, depth and atmosphere. Any one sample on its own is a fine pad, but you can go on to mix different combinations of sounds to create up to 64 different variations.


Each pad has a dedicated Gain and Pan dial.

Master controls are Attack, Release and Master Volume. There is an LFO with separate controls for Rate, Depth, Waveform, Destination and Source (try Expression as a Destination for peculiar results). There is a three-option Voice Mode with a Glide dial for mono and legato settings. There is a two-option Filter with Cutoff dial. Finally there are three FX: Vinyl, Reverb and Pitch-shift.

PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO FACILITY TO AUTOMATE PARAMETERS VIA MIDI OR TO CONTROL DIALS VIA YOUR DAW.  However, changes to parameters made “by hand” in an instance of this instrument can be saved in your DAW (e.g. in Ableton “save live set as…”)

The download zip contains separate versions depending on which system you use. Just use the right one!


A Memory of Light


Winter drags on: do you remember summer? This synth certainly doesn’t. All presets are reminiscent of a Gothic cathedral in the deeps of a Nordic snowfall. Listen to the demo to get chilly.

A Memory of Light is a Flintpope Reaktor Blocks instrument featuring 40 sounds that bypass the usual waveform synthesis. Instead it combines a wind-synth oscillator with a noise generator through a pair of reverbs and a tape delay to create a mix of ethereal, powerful and lonely textures.

The package requires Reaktor 6 and Reaktor Blocks to play the presets. These are of course completely TWEAKABLE.

FREE download


LAYERCAKE for Kontakt

An instrument for sound designers.

LAYERCAKE is a powerful tool for creating interesting sound textures, comprised of a set of three samplers with four sounds in each, meticulously crafted to create audio spaces that move beyond the realm of mere pads, leads or basses. You get 16 presets that will get you started on a descent into madness…

Each sampler layer can be manipulated with up to thirteen controls. Add to these Kontakt’s five standard controls of volume, pan, tune, mute and solo and you have eighteen tweakable parameters per sampler. Adding up three by four samples in each LAYERCAKE you have 144 possible combinations of sounds as a starter palette for a musical experiment.

And then you start to add your own audio…

LAYERCAKE ships with a short manual so that even if you have little experience with Kontakt you can start creating your own dense soundscapes. Or even some killer bass if that’s more your style.

Why not take a look at the manual to see what you could do with it? No obligation.

Download the LAYERCAKE Manual PDF


RETRO Reaktor


Flintpope made 48 presets for two of Reaktor’s classic instruments. Just click the titles for instant download. No messing around, no sign-up. No virus either.

They both open in Reaktor 6 Full Version. In the freeplayer they’ll time-out after 30 minutes so get your skates on and hit record.

Mikro Prism Flintpope – 24 ambient, atmospheric presets for FREE

FLINTPOPE Photone – 24 acidic, abrasive and atmospheric presets for FREE


16 Pads for Kontakt

16 Pads for Kontakt comes out of a previous Ableton Simpler set designed to produce “interesting ambience” (36 PADS). These cinematic atmospheres evolve as they play, taking the listener on an audio journey. Combined with Kontakt’s convolution reverb and 3-Way EQ these sounds are dense and sometimes spectacular.

It’s on Gumroad for $1 here.


Eight long, evolving atmospheres created by routing various Flintpope ambient samples through EVENTIDE BLACKHOLE. These were then racked up in Kontakt and treated to various combinations of modulators listed below.






LFO1 to Cutoff

LFO2 to Cutoff



Convolution Reverb

 DOWNLOAD for only $1


Introducing MOLEKULES

A pack of ten passive/aggressive instruments created by playing a piano sample at C3 into Native Instruments MOLEKULAR and recording the results.

MOLEKULAR is a highly versatile modular effects rack that produces movement in the sound – very useful if you need long and evolving pads that can sometimes take you by surprise. Who wants a lush Juno pad all the time anyway? Everyone else but you!

MOLEKULAR is also good at creating harsh environments as well as beautiful chasms of gorgeousness. I have tried to reflect this in my choice of settings in the enclosed package. By the way, you almost never hear the original piano sample but it lends its own sonic richness to the end-result.

The Kontakt version has 10 modulators:






LFO1 to Cutoff

LFO2 to Cutoff



Convolution Reverb




Do you want a quick-fix drumlooper? Well, this is a Reaktor 6 instrument consisting of 4 sets of 24 musical drum loops that play against each other to create complex, textured beats. Don’t miss the REFILL also

The total possible combinations of 4 sets of 24 musical drum loops is 96 x 96 which totals a staggering 9216 variations (and that’s not factoring-in mute or solo into the possible arrangements). You don’t need to worry that your beats will sound like anyone else’s.

All sounds and tune-snippets are Flintpope originals and completely royalty-free. A lot of care has gone into making these loops SOUND as if they’ve been lifted off records but they haven’t; all 96 have been carefully crafted in Ableton Live.





Do you need some layered sounds for texture in your track? Try this set of 9 multi instruments using different pairs of 18 individual Flintpope soundscapes.

Each instrument has 10 user-friendly dials to change parameters that radically affect each sound.

(Takes a breath)

Because you can layer any combination you like of these 18 sounds in MANIPULATOR there are 324 variations available before any further dial-twiddling needs to occur.

(Takes another breath)

Because you can also replace any sounds in MANIPULATOR with your own samples and apply 10 parameter changes to each you can possibly never run out of variations.

All enclosed samples are Flintpope originals, layered and morphed on Reaktor Polyplex by forgetting it is supposed to be a drum machine. They are all chosen for immense length and for having surprising evolving properties. All sounds are copyright-free so use them however you wish.



Interested in adding improvised beats to your tracks in the studio or for your live setup? Want something new to get your teeth into in Reaktor? Say hello to Flintpope’s DRUMBOX.

DRUMBOX can provide a quick sketchbook for making beats or as an improvisational live instrument. All the sounds are accessible over a short keyboard range on midi channel one and it’s easy to write new material on the fly..

The core of DRUMBOX is a bank of 128 Flintpope original tempo-synced drumloops that can be played out live as they are or treated with the various FX and stutter dials detailed on GUMROAD.  Drumloop styles range from sparse funky live kits through housey ambiences, to lo-fi shufflebeats to brutally fried electronic mash-ups. Simply trigger playback with the spacebar or play arrow at top of Reaktor. Change tempo there too.

Added to this are 128 Flintpope pads and atmospheric sounds mapped over one octave to add texture. Owners of previous Flintpope libraries won’t have heard these already as they’ve been made specially for this release. There is also a 4-wave synth bass/lead and a drumkit to add more detail to the loops or to write NEW loops in your DAW.