Latest in the “tenner” series.


Sample layer gizmo. Sounds are chosen for sonic flexibility inasmuch as they combine well for pads, atmospherics and synthy leads. Only £2+ (it’s up to you).


Eighty-eight individual piano strings have been sampled from A-1 to C7 and then overlaid note by note with an atmospheric orchestral tail-off. READ MORE…


A percussive classic for only a tenner



Is a free re-release (with a new interface) of a heritage instrument I made by playing a piano sample through various Reaktor Molekular presets with a view to creating haunting, evolving sounds, resulting in ten presets using ten unique samples. The preset entitled “Old” features on the soundtrack of this video that you can see on the internet somewhere else. READ MORE…


Essentially 3 Kontakt instruments stacked up to loosely model the tonal ranges of the bass, mid and top speakers of a studio monitor, LUSH is a cool pad-maker. READ MORE…

3 thoughts on “Kontakt

  1. Thank you for this! Sounds cool! However half the patches are for a newer version of Kontakt 6. I use 6.3.1 and some patches work. Others say I need a newer version. Did you update in the middle of making this instrument? At least the first patch works and might be the coolest. Thanks again!


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