4 Octave VIBES VST/AU Plugin

A simple no-frills four octave velocity sensitive Vibraphone rompler.


Short Marimba VST/AU PLUGIN

A simple no-frills four octave marimba. Tuning a little whack. Shall fix!



BRUTE – a simple polyphonic subtractive synth

REICHIAN – experimental rhythmic minimalism

TALKBOXKICKER – Fat Acid-Talk and Singing Kicks (it says here)

SELTSAM – a sample player with a unique sample library

256 – make new beats, soundscapes, samples and musical sketches.

Mikro Prism Flintpope – 24 ambient, atmospheric presets

FLINTPOPE Photone – 24 acidic, abrasive and atmospheric presets

16 FREE (slightly unhinged) SAMPLES


INSTANT DL – 16 samples for sound designers


14 thoughts on “FREE

  1. Mmmmh, bummer… I interpreted the date on your email announcing the end of your free VSTs etc. to be midnight TODAY, not yesterday… Well, serves me right to wait until now to start downloading.
    Not to sound ungrateful though… luckily I did get at lest a few of your nice gems in the past.
    In any case, best of luck in your endeavors and with everything else you may do.


  2. Thanks for your contributions to the digital world of beats and bytes…greatly appreciated not only in the generosity but the variety of approaches to making sounds.Thanks for making this available to those of us who are currently fiscally challenged, i know it’s probably an often heard story…so I won’t bore with the details.My lack of digital dollars does reflect my real world dollars… I sincerely THANK -YOU and hope your benevolence or spirit of generosity is returned to you.I have mentioned your work to peep’s and will do so in the future…Take Care Tim Miner


  3. Hello!
    There is not a contact form, so i’m writing here …
    Just downloaded “Shirt Marimba” AU,
    noticed that the tonality is not true,
    half a tone above than normal overall,
    octave 2 – a whole tone gamma,
    octave 1 – worse …

    Is it a some “freebie” poison? 🙂
    Or just a technical mistake.



      1. Thank you for the reply!
        I already have AlanVista instruments, they are useful …
        But i like your product, both GUI and sound, so if it is possible to rearrange
        the samples into the component file, will help to resolve and will make this nice plugin
        a playable tool, and finaly everithing will be done!
        The main problem are octaves 1 and 2, where the tones become totaly not in place …
        Octaves 3 and 4 could be simply dragged to a normal tonality by transposing
        or pitch correction from the knob.
        Overall the sound/project is excellent, just that,
        i am not sure if the problem is similar in the VST version.
        It will be so good if you can and wish to fix that for us!
        Thank you!



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