Flintpope made everything on this page for free, so maybe you could consider a regular small donation to support this work for as little as a dollar a month by visiting PATREON



*NEW* SOUNDSCAPER – a free demo version of the Reaktor Instrument

FORMED – takes its inspiration from Native Instruments FORM.

 MOLEKULES – sound design freebie now available as VST/AU 

DARK – a FREE VST/AU for creating and playing rich, dark pads

PALETTE – A paintbox of sounds for Mac and Windows





Stereocake – 24 atmospheric soundscapes for Massive and Ableton Simpler in one DL 

Ableton Packs


MOLEKULES for Simpler – 10 passive/aggressive sounds as SIMPLER racks for Live Intro

SIMPLER SYNTH – 8 analog sounding synths created in SIMPLER for Live Intro

ANALOGIKA – 30 Ableton Analog pads for ambient atmospherics in Live Suite 

Crystal Goblets & EUGENE –  a free Ableton Live Pack & Kontakt Instrument created by PerforModule & FlintPope; add some chime to your productions


Kontakt Instruments


MOLEKULES for Kontakt – 10 passive/aggressive sounds created using MOLEKULAR

CHASMS – 8 long evolving atmospheres made with BLACKHOLE

16 PADS – These cinematic atmospheres evolve as they play, taking the listener on an audio journey.

Crystal Goblets & EUGENE – a Free Ableton Live Pack & Kontakt Instrument created by PerforModule & FlintPope; add some chime to your productions!

*NEW* SELTSAM – surprising samples to kick-off  improvisation into unexpected musical areas

*NEW* CHROMA – Flintpope have created 24 new AAS Chromaphone sounds and sampled them into Kontakt 5


Reaktor Ensembles


*NEW* WAVCLOUD – unusual sample morpher

*NEW* DRUMLINES – a quick-fix drumlooper

*NEW* DRUMBOX – a multi-tasking music machine

BRUTE – a simple polyphonic subtractive synth

REICHIAN – experimental rhythmic minimalism

TALKBOXKICKER – Fat Acid-Talk and Singing Kicks (it says here)

SELTSAM – a sample player with a unique sample library



Reaktor Soundsets


*NEW* Mikro Prism Flintpope – 24 ambient, atmospheric presets for FREE

*NEW* FLINTPOPE Photone – 24 acidic, abrasive and atmospheric presets for FREE




16 samples for sound designers




Flintpope LOFI Synthwave tunes are on Spotify – free MP3 download too

*New* EP ‘Short Stories’ released on Spotify- free MP3s too



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