Browse Flintpope’s Ableton packs of expertly crafted soundscapes.




This is a pack of ten passive/aggressive sounds created by playing a piano sample at C3 into Native Instruments MOLEKULAR and recording the results. It’s free. Read more….


SEARCHING FOR SOUND in ABLETON? Do you always fall back on your sample library and bash something into shape with Simpler? Why not go down the road of software instrument inspiration? Flintpope did, and his experiments with Ableton’s COLLISION produced some unexpected results which he has compiled into a self-installing pack called CRASH. Read more…


“Great sounding analog-modeled filters.”

Live 9.5 introduced new analog-modeled filters based on classic vintage hardware models that will self-resonate, feedback, and distort beautifully. These filters are included in Simpler.

Flintpope took advantage of these in SIMPLER SYNTH. It’s free. Read more…


Don’t think cinema – think Cinemythica. Cinemythica is a collection of 36 atmospheric sounds designed for Ableton’s flagship TENSION instrument. Tension is essentially a synth that recreates the maths of string sounds, but in the hands of a sound-designer like Flintpope it can be warped and twisted into making some awesome noises. This is pack of dynamic presets that may just change your music.

Read more about Cinemythica at

36 Pads

36 Pads is a user-friendly set of racks designed for Ableton Intro, so it is potentially available to every Ableton owner. If you’re interested in unlocking some secrets of sound design in Ableton Live, and/or you’re looking for some dark, complex and imaginative pads to inspire your performance, this pad collection is for you.

Read more about 36 Pads at


Colliders will shake up your set with 60 mind warping instrument presets for Ableton Live that will keep you awake all night.

Read more about COLLIDERS at


A pack of 30 original Flintpope Ableton Analog pads for ambient atmospherics and gravelly darkness. It’s free.  READ MORE


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