ELEC PIANO is a Kontakt instrument inspired by the old electric pianos that came out of battered flight cases in pubs back in the day. But ELEC PIANO also distorts a grungy electric piano sound into some more creative shapes; as well as the expected Rhodes-y sounding presets there are some experimental pads and even a workmanlike lead guitar.

Even though I say so myself I am very surprised how powerful this instrument sounds. Just using five of the ten available presets with some extra drums and percussion I managed to make quite a massive sounding demo.

Don’t believe me? Try it here.


ELEC PIANO comes with a version of what is currently the standard Flintpope GUI featuring four panels accessing:-

1. Envelope,Tape Noise and Color. This also includes a simple wobbly line to let you know it is triggering sound.

2. Filter. A 2-pole with LP and HP cutoff: basic but effective.

2. Replika Tape for old-school (or is that skool?) delays, featuring Tape Age, Flutter and Noise amongst other things.

As Time on this panel is calibrated in millisecs and not in note-divisions you may want to refer to this online resource for INSTANT calculation of delay times in relation to tempo and note-division.


4. Plate Reverb for you know what.

Under the lid there is also a Rotator, a Van 51 Amp and some powerful EQ. All these are accessible to anyone who has dabbled in Kontakt before.

Speaking of same…

“I’m a fan of Flintpope’s instruments. Creative and musical, with some very clever scripting.” says CGR from http://www.pianoproducer.com

To use these libraries simply load any .nki in the Kontakt ELEC PIANO by Flintpope folder.

After the first is loaded, for example Elec Piano Amped.nki, simply click either arrow L or R at the end of the title bar to load the next one.


Full version of Kontakt 6 required