GREY for Reaktor 6 Full version

Cast your mind back to the nineties when a certain synth company brought out a set-top box synth called a JV something or other that sounded dead cool. Go further back to ULTRAVOX who used similar sounds on some very famous eighties tunes including “Oh Vienna” and you are in the GREY zone. In fact you are fading to grey.

GREY is a sample player loaded with 101 synth samples from the JV synth all ready to deliver a range of essential retro sounds from big pads to LOFI oscillating washes, all via fat synth basses and hot leads.

Pre-packed with sixty presets you’ll find quick audio pleasure. To access them simply DOUBLE-CLICK “Embedded” in the Reaktor side pane. When you want to go and tweak you’ll enjoy the multifaceted controls, so multifaceted there is now a list coming…


The sample selector has Sample Choice, Volume, Pitch, Random (select), Start-point and Warp(ed Vinyl).

As well as the obvious envelope controls there is a Vinyl FX option which delivers a genuinely random crackle effect created by a Geiger unit.

Next is the 8 Pole Filter with five variables capable of creating rich tonal range. Watch out for the Wobble dial too.

Then come Reverb and Echo (delay), followed by a Compressor. Each of these three FX have a lot of tweakage available.

Last is the LFO section which dials up Rate, Phase, Shape, Sync and Key (note-on trigger).

The best thing about the LFO, and the key to the overall sound of GREY is the routing options. You have:

LFO to Key Velocity, to 8 Pole Filter Balance, to Reverb Size and to Echo Time.

These options create a variety of sound, rendering GREY no mere rompler but more of a pseudo-synth!


CC1 Echo Mix

CC14 Sample Choice

CC15 Sample Vol

CC16 Pitch

CC17 Random Sample Select ( a different sample with each key-press)

CC18 Sample Start-point

CC19 Warp ( a wobbly vinyl effect)

CC20 Master Vol

CC21 LFO Phase

CC22 LFO Rate

CC23 LFO Shape

CC24 Filter Mix

CC26 Reverb Mix

CC27 Attack

CC28 Filter Wobble

CC29 Release

Reaktor View A is a streamlined interface with just the essentials available. View B is the complete control set.

View B is the complete control set.

Reaktor Notes

You can change the sample set using the onboard SAMPLE MAP.

Need advice? Go to the Reaktor 6 Diving Deeper manual and open Chapter 8, page 69 (The Sample Map Editor) for a detailed guide.

Ensure all your samples are set to midi note 60 and the keyboard range is from midi note 0-102 inclusive for the selector dials to operate correctly.

GREY is monophonic and requires the FULL VERSION of Reaktor 6