LUSH V2 is essentially THREE Kontakt instruments stacked up to loosely model the tonal ranges of the bass, mid and top speakers of a studio monitor.

There are TEN instruments in the BASS section, FOURTEEN in the MID section and THIRTEEN in the TOP.

The TOP and MID are populated with complex, evolving ambient samples ranging from very mellow, to dreamy, to slightly unsettling. All samples are taken from Flintpope’s extensive selection of original sounds.

The BASS does what it says on the tin with soft sine waves through phasers (etc.) and some plucked double bass samples through various amp models for a slightly harder edge.

Mixing these together in various combinations of what Kontakt calls multis (.nkm) gives a wide variety of rich, fat and sometimes delicious polyphonic pads. There are FIFTEEN multis already preloaded but obviously the strength of this instrument is to mix and match your own variations in any order or combination you like.

This video soundtrack features some LUSH presets

Manual included. Please read the GET STARTED section to ensure correct loading of the multi presets to avoid chaos.

Please note that this library is designed for a 25 note keyboard.