BLUR is a set of four stereo samplers that playback simultaneously via a midi keyboard. Each sampler is loaded with thirty two un-duplicated samples that can be arranged in over a million possible combinations to produce interesting textural sounds suited to atmospheric work. A million? Work out 32 x 32 x 32 x 32 and you get 1048576…

Each sampler is capable of playing forwards or reverse, has movable start and end points for playback, loop start and end points, loop fade parameters and loop in release.

BLUR’s  main feature is an XY pad arranged along the top of the samplers.

This is used to…

1. Shift focus between the different samples during live playback. This is also routed to CC 1 or the mod slider on a midi keyboard.

2. Change reverb level or pitch during playback. 

The samples are visually rendered as mono waveforms, the colour of which can be changed by the user utilising the hue, brightness and saturation dials to the lower right of each sample display. If you insist on vivid green and lurid purple it is achievable with minimal effort!

Amongst other obvious controls, the samplers each have a dedicated 3 band-eq, pan and mute.

BLUR has two SFX (reverb and cloud delay), Time stretch, Tape noise, plus a variable triangle wave LFO.

The LFO is routable to six different parameters.

  1. Reverb
  2. Cloud delay pitch
  3. Comb filter cut
  4. Cloud particle distance and length
  5. Cloud level
  6. Sampler(s) volume

Check out the manual.

BLUR is good at producing stabs, pads, sound fx and intriguing ambience. BLUR is not designed to be a faithful reproduction of an orchestra, for example, nor is it any use as a synth. Treat it as a one-hit wonder (remember the “Fairlight Stab?”) or a provider of slow-moving atmosphere tracks and you will be rewarded with some surprisingly creative combinations.

BLUR is monophonic and requires the FULL version of Reaktor 6.

Reaktorplayer will open BLUR in demo mode only and time out after 30 minutes.

The DL Zip includes the manual plus FAQ.