The City Sleeps

Dreamy, floaty, atmospheric… The City Sleeps is a sound bank of twelve Flintpope patches for NI Super 8 VST3 (note: NOT the Reaktor 6 version)

They are mainly pads, but some presets lend themselves to leads and basses. You may want to use these in an ambient composition or perhaps a take on 70s style disco.

Check out what Native Instruments say about this synth…

“SUPER 8 aims to capture the essence of polyphonic synthesizers from the 80’s era. It possesses an uncompromising vintage sound but also a distinctive character of its own. 

With a clear and straightforward signal flow, SUPER 8 makes it easy to create and tweak your sounds through a clean, next-generation interface. Use simple sliders to blend up to four waveforms for each of the two oscillators. Mix the oscillators, sync them, and fold in FM oscillation for more complex tones. 

Apply low-pass, band-pass, or highpass filtering, then use ASDR sliders to make quick changes to filter and amplifier envelopes. Add motion to your sounds by diving into the modulation section. Choose one or more modulation waveforms, then dial in speed and phase settings. 

For maximum creative flexibility, use modulation routing to map almost any source to any destination. With SUPER 8 you’ll find sweet spots are plentiful and sonic possibilities are endless!”

But if you are reading this you probably already own this instrument.

Check out the presets


Eanna Butler commented: “Easily one of my top-five indie pack producers. Long-time fan. Much love from Ireland.”