THIS IS NOT A DRUM-KIT! This is a set of 24 individual KONTAKT libraries created using a software percussion modeller. Each sound is a Flintpope original and doesn’t use any factory presets. The sounds are mainly created from modelled objects or instruments being struck. However there are also some string models and erratic noise models too.

Let’s say it loud and clear: you get 24 instruments in this pack! And IT’S NOT A DRUM-KIT!

Each library comes with what is now the standard Flintpope GUI featuring five panels accessing:-

1. Envelope, Softness, Tape Noise and Color.

2. Replika Diffusion for cloud-like atmosphere and softer delays.

3. Replika Modern, the clean, classic delay. As Time on this panel (and all the panels) is calibrated in millisecs and not in note-divisions you may want to refer to this online resource for INSTANT calculation of delay times in relation to tempo and note-division.

A few words about Rate and Depth: these work in tandem as an extra flanged texture. Rate has no effect unless Depth is above 0%

4. Plate Reverb for you know what.

5. Phasis for a huge range of phasing effects from subtle to silly.

To use these libraries simply load any .nki in the Flintpope PERCUSSIVES folder. After the first is loaded, for example Flintpope Percussives – Birdmarimba, simply click either arrow L or R at the end of the title bar to load the next one.