Damaged Piano is a Kilohearts Phaseplant preset pack by Flintpope. The pack is an exploration of how far you can take a prepared piano through the convoluted modulation power of Phaseplant.

You get 30 Phaseplant presets, 6 Multipass Presets, 3 Snapheap Presets, 6 Flintpope Wavetables and 15 Flintpope Prepared Piano Samples.

Have a look/listen to the demo video/tune below. This uses about 6 of the presets.

To load the Bank just drag and drop the purchased file onto Phaseplant and the pack DAMAGED PIANO will show up in your browser with 16 presets.

To find the Multipass presets, click in the load panel of any open Multipass and click the DAMAGED PIANO icon in the sidebar. 

To open the Snapheap presets do the same as above.

Try this delicate musical piece by Tapsa Kuusniemi


“Phaseplant is one of the most interesting new synths, but Damaged Piano REALLY shows what it is capable of. The patches and sounds inside the bank are extraordinary – moody, cool, weird, haunting, and atmospheric. I really admire the work that must have gone into this. I’ve had it a day and it’s already going into a score – it seems to be working its way into a 10 part documentary tv series I’m doing now.

Phaseplant was recommended to me by my friend Francis Preve, a sound designer who did a lot of the factory presets for KiloHearts. It’s a deep instrument and I’ve barely plumbed the depths – certainly not to the extent Flintpope has; so few preset designers are as accomplished musicians as Flintpope.”

JEFF RONA, Composer.