Flintpope Tree

This is a free gizmo that uses Tree Tone by Dillon Bastan, a free M4L add-on pack available on the Ableton site HERE

Making the most of the new macro-feature there are 16 user-dials, 8 of which contol various Tree Tone parameters. The remaining 8 dial-up 3 of the new FX (Spectral Time, Spectral Resonance and Chorus Ensemble), Echo and EQ.

There are also 6 macro-variatons snapshots.

This gizmo is a great drone generator but also responds to key-press input.

“Tree Tone takes its inspiration from the fractal patterns of plants. Grow trees, where each branch represents a resonator with different frequency, decay, and amplitude values. The longer and thicker the branch, the lower, louder and more sustained the sound. Use the device’s internal noise generator to excite the resonators and create resonant ambiences or ethereal plucked tones. You can also use Tree Tone as a filterbank for your own audio, or run the output back into the device to create resonant feedback.”


Just unzip the .alp Pack after download and click it to auto-install into Ableton’s library. It will ask if you want to install a “pack designed for an earlier version of Live” and you click YES. It will update files as necessary. The software package used to create the pack is a heritage item from Ableton 8 but the installed material works perfectly on later versions.

“Another good reason I scraped the money for the upgrade to 11. Really quite beautiful Flintpope, thank you very much.”

by Voltaire on VI Control