36 Pads for Ableton SIMPLER

If you’re into sound design in Ableton Live Intro, and you’re looking for some dark, complex and imaginative pads to inspire your performance, this collection is for you. Flintpope shares over 100 long and variable pad sounds from his library…

36 instruments have been designed by layering 4 instances of Simpler populated with these pads. Each of these instruments plays the 4 layers through reverb, delay, phaser and granular delay. These 4 FX levels plus the 4 relative volumes of the layers are assigned to user-dials for flexibility.


Just click the .alp Pack after download and it will auto-install into Ableton’s library. It will ask if you want to install a “pack designed for an earlier version of Live” and you click YES. It will update files as necessary. The software package used to create the pack is a heritage item from Ableton 8 but the installed material works perfectly on versions 9,10 and 11.

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