Marimba for Kontakt 6

This instrument is a model of a 52 note orchestral marimba ( A1 to C6) recorded by Sonivox at Futura Studio, a converted Masonic temple in Roslindale, Massachusetts. The studio space was small enough to lend a sense of intimacy, but large enough to accommodate a suggested orchestral presence. This gives the sound a sense of space and life.

Each rosewood tone bar was sampled seperately so each of the 52 notes in this Kontakt instrument is true to pitch with no time- stretched artifacts. There are four velocity layers across each note to help create a natural playing feel.

The instrument comes with five GUI panels to access different effects (including a midi-recorder) and 18 Flintpope snapshots as starting points to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the instrument.

See enclosed manual for a HOW TO on loading snapshots.

DL the free manual now for more detail.

BUY for £5 HERE

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