Continuing the theme of simple instruments at a reasonable cost , I have developed the idea of layering pairs of samples via effects boxes to create interesting atmospheres and pads.

This library consists of eight samples (GREEN) and their identical mirrors (WHITE). The samples are painstakingly chosen for their ability to… 

A – sound good together and yet

B – produce unexpected combinations too.

With eight pairs there are sixty four possible combinations.

THEN the BLEND dial in the centre of the GUI balances GREEN versus WHITE for more complexity.

THEN the Attack, Release and Cutoff dials come into play creating more variants.

THEN the three REPLIKA delays( MODERN, TAPE and DIFFUSION) add even more variety to the sound design. It is up to the user’s imagination…


1 – JAMON is a 16 sec Hammond Organ/Lesley C chord with a long natural fade.

2 – GENTLE is a 16 sec guitar-like pluck with a complex rippling overlay to a natural clean fade.

3 – TWANG  is an 8 sec pad with a plucked metallic attack and tone that quickly develops whistling harmonic overtones and pulses to a natural fade.

4 – GLUE is a 6 sec sinewave stab through distant reverb for classic cinematic sub. Fades naturally.

5 – OPENING is a 28 sec drone loop based on an orchestra tuning up. It starts quietly then builds up in 5 sec increments as more strings join the drone, peaking at 15 sec to apparently fade at 20 sec when more strings take up the drone again to finally fade at 28 sec.THEN the loop reverses on itself and plays backwards. This is a sound that will play as long as the key is held down.

6 – FOOL is a 7 sec ocarina sample with dust. Fades gently.

7 – VINYL is a 15 sec recording of an actual stylus-drop onto an old record. Fades quickly at 14 sec.

8 – DARK is an 11 sec rich cello-like synth drone. It swells in to peak in volume at 2 sec, holds it till 3 sec then very slowly tails off to fade out to 11sec.


There are 34 Flintpope snapshots included in the zip. Please see the Manual for how to install them.

FIXED (I think) a Windows issue that prevented the snapshots loading.


REPLIKANT is a single sample 25 note key spread per group. Samples are pitched at C3 and each is spread from C2 to C4. Suitable, for example, for a Komplete Kontrol S25 keyboard in a home studio. Again, the sounds have been painstakingly chosen to stretch up and down an octave either way without artefacts.

Replikant is not supported by the free Kontakt Player.



DL the free Manual HERE