Welcome to the new Flintpope Bargain Kontakt Range.

I have had the feeling for ages that Kontakt developers take themselves far too seriously and that the only instruments worth doing are beautifully recorded models of expensive instruments that the common person can’t afford for real. Hence the ridiculous price tags on their releases.

As an antidote to all that I have started a range of cheap and cheerful instruments that look garish but sound phat. Hopefully they’ll be fun to use.

First up is VIOLET & GREEN, a sound texture instrument that makes nice pads and atmospheric spaces. It is also capable of a decent lead too. It’s only a tenner.

Get the free manual

See the video

Hear the tune



This instrument is a two-layered sample mixer with a simple GUI. There are two sets of six pairs of samples onboard which can be layered into thirty unique combinations (or thirty six if samples are twinned) before any other parameters are changed. Samples are chosen for sonic flexibility inasmuch as they combine well for pads, atmospherics and synthy leads.

Each sample set is multisampled across A1 to C6 in five x one octave spreads: except the Marimba set in which every single key was sampled across the range.

Balancing one sample (VIOLET) against another (GREEN) is achieved using the “&” DIAL in the title.

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