Eighty-eight individual piano strings have been sampled from A-1 to C7 and then overlaid note by note with an atmospheric orchestral tail-off.

If a short release is set the end result is a rich sounding, bright piano with key for key realism and no time-stretched artefacts. Varied velocity layers under the hood allow for playback sensitivity.

A long release creates a more interesting almost synth-like resonance that can be layered into deep textural ambiences utilising the onboard effects. Each has its own dedicated page accessible via a tab at the bottom of the GUI and 37 Flintpope snapshots as starting points to demonstrate some of the capabilities of the instrument. See enclosed manual for a HOW TO on loading snapshots.


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from this piano when I got my hands on it. I like piano, I play piano. I have a million VST pianos. I don’t want, need or care about another vanilla straight forward piano sound… I have those.

But this isn’t one of those pianos. I began to play it, losing track of time for quite a while. The instrument itself produces a nice crisp clear piano sound like you would expect but with a nice ambient tail that resonates for a while after the key is played. I felt like I was composing Music for Airports by Brian Eno just letting the tails ring out and be part of the song.

I also enjoyed the soft piano mode with the tape noise turned on. This makes the piano sound more distant but still maintains the tails. It was a little bit like a felted piano, but a felted piano just goes dead after the hit. The “enhanced” tail gives it some resonance so it lingers for a while.

I had a great time just letting my thoughts drift and letting the piano respond back with its resonating tail like a touch of melancholy on a rainy day. It will be making it into some of my projects and performances.” Michael Hyland aka Pastry with a Half-Life

“Enhanced Piano is a nifty sound design piano instrument for Kontakt with a wide range of attractive piano-based sounds and textures.

The sound of Enhanced Piano is 88 individual keys sampled at four dynamic layers, with orchestral reverb tails layered under the piano sounds. The unprocessed sound is beautiful and usable—as rich and bright as advertised, and the layered orchestral tails serve to, well, enhance them. The sampling of every note at four dynamics gives each strike of the key a welcome precision. In fact, as I played through the library, I found I kept getting distracted from the more processed sounds and presets because I liked playing the pure piano sounds so much. As great as the pure piano sounds are, I should note that this library is not intended to be a workhorse piano; it doesn’t include elements like pedal-down samples and release triggers, but you may find you don’t miss those details very much.

That’s because Enhanced Piano isn’t intended as a comprehensive piano library, but rather as high-quality source material for piano-derived sound design, and it’s in the realm of not-quite piano sounds that Enhanced Piano really thrives. The long orchestral tails lend themselves to evolving textures, and combined with the delay, reverb, and lo-fi options, it’s a terrific package for atmospheric, emotional piano sounds, ranging from deep, thundering booms to wispy, sunlit plinks.

The snapshots offer a number of useful sounds and starting points for further exploration (Vintage Piano, Prepared Piano and Reversed Tape are particular favorites of mine) and the UI is easy to navigate and use to tweak sounds or design your own—the effects aren’t complicated or unusual, but they’re presented in a user-friendly package that makes designing sounds fun and easy. I do wish there were more dedicated distortion/saturation options, but a little experimentation can yield up a pleasant grittiness.

Overall, Enhanced Piano is a flexible, playable instrument with a lovely piano sound, and an accessible array of useful textures from demonic to celestial.” Hans Shenk

“There are many, many inexpensive Kontakt instruments, and it can be a challenge for a developer to offer something unique. And yet, I feel like Enhanced Piano is unique.

The idea of stacking chromatically-recorded piano samples and a nice orchestral ambience works vey well. Coupled with a pretty interface, a comprehensive list of built-in effects and envelope controls, the instruments can have different interesting flavours.

Sometimes you’ll want to just sprinkle a note or two on top of an existing composition and it will add some body and movement to the track. Sometimes you’ll want to make it the star of the show, and it will do the job as well.

As for every inexpensive instruments, you’ll find it has some quirks. We could have wanted a built-in distortion – but you’ll add your own, or some smoothing of the velocity layers, but don’t let that stop you.

And finally – don’t neglect the snapshots. They’ll show you some uses for this library that you might not have thought of on your own. Enjoy!” Mikro 93 aka Dataminer

And check out Simeon’s lovely improvs at about 18 minutes in if you wish.


FREE MANUAL HERE (on Chrome, Right-click..)