Flintpope’s 25 for Kontakt 6

25 for Kontakt 6, a kind of enhanced piano for the home studio.

A FREE DOWNLOAD, so maybe support Flintpope on PATREON? (CLICK HERE)

This instrument comprises 25 individually sampled grand piano strings (with long atmospheric tail-off), spanning C2-C4, (the typical range of a 25 key home studio keyboard), with 4 velocity sensitivites.

The effects feature two instances of Replika Delay, one featuring a Modern preset set to a slow repeat and fade, the other a Diffuson preset for instant foggy tail-off. Then there is a Plate Reverb for a roomy vibe and a quirky Convolution Reverb loaded with the “Electrode Clasp” wav for some weirdness and rhythmic edginess.

All these can be further tweaked under the hood.

Seven snapshots can be accessed via the dropdown menu next to the “Pure Release” snapshot.

This instrument is a free introduction to what may develop into a more serious piece of work with 128 individually sampled piano strings across the whole keyboard and more access to effects presets from the user panel. However, I am only just starting KSP so there’s a lot to learn before these latter functions will be developed.

Thanks to Big Cat for the original script that became the springboard for this instrument. Many thanks too to the amazing online KSP tutor David Hilowitz (You Tube here https://bit.ly/Hilowitz) without whom I could never have even got this far… 

Free to download direct by clicking this text

Note: If Google Chrome won’t let you DL this because of “security issues” click the arrow next to DISCARD and choose KEEP

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