STARRY NIGHT for Massive X

A bunch of 16 Flintpope presets for Massive X that range from Smack Your Synth Up at the heavy end to the ethereal delicacy of Miush Shkirman inspired transcendental tones at the light end. Not so much rock and roll as rave and float. ALL the sounds in the two demo tunes below are created solely with these 16 presets.

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To install STARRY NIGHT for Massive X presets

Go to:


                    Native Instruments/

                                                    User Content/

                                                                           Massive X/

Then copy the CONTENTS (not the folder itself) of the unzipped DL into the Massive X folder.

Next, open Massive X either in your DAW or in Komplete Kontrol, hit the arrow next to the logo to open the drop down menu and click

“Rescan Presets”

Then click the magnifying glass icon at the top of the GUI then scroll down to “User”. The STARRY NIGHT presets will appear in there.


To import a preset file to the User Preset folder: 

  1. Find the preset file you want to import on your hard drive.
  2. Drag-and-drop the file onto the MASSIVE X user interface.
    The preset file is now saved into the User Preset folder. 

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