Sounds from THE TUNNEL

Inspired by the Long Wire drone instrument by composer Robert Charles Mann, I strung a 3m harpsichord string along a beam of wood and recorded it inside a tunnel in The Secret Garden in Kemp Town, Brighton. Rather than going for long and deep drone sounds as used in Long Wire I opted for recording light rhythmic, plucked and bowed sessions using a mix of acoustic, piezo and amp techniques. 

I also recorded various other objects in the tunnel such as a rusty ladder etc.

These are now in a set of 27 Ableton SIMPLER racks in this pack; the tuning is a little blue at times though the racks are generally in Concert Pitch where possible. No FX racks have been used so as to maintain the natural quality of the sounds (with tunnel ambience) but obviously you can add what you like.

The demo below just uses these sounds and is deliberately loose in feel; some might say sloppy, but hey… I have played in keeping with the spirit of the recorded samples and not used a click track or quantisation to keep it feeling LIVE.