“Pulsar is designed to create interesting soundscapes and experimental atmospheres and much more. It’s also cheap as chips for what it can do.”

Rounik Sethi, Ask.Audio

PULSAR is a monophonic DUAL sample player for Reaktor 6 loaded with two banks of 127 samples each. The samples are chosen for atmosphere.

How Pulsar works.

Any two samples in banks A and B are overlaid; this gives a possibility of over 16000 possible combinations of sounds.They are then routed via an LFO (LFO 1) and various FX. LFO 1 can modulate a set of the FX parameters to make the sounds move and develop, and to richen things further the samples can also modulate each other if required.

So far so good, but then it gets more interesting as a second LFO (LFO 2) can then modulate LFO 1 for even more movement. And why stop there? LFO 1 can also modulate LFO 2 for a new level of sound morphing that can create unpredictable results.

PULSAR lends itself to soundscapes and experimental atmospheres and the embedded banks reflect this.

…keep it weird! It’s not a synth. It’s a miniature, easy to use SPACESHIP.”

Geza X, beta-testing in LA

Maybe you qualify for a free copy? Go here bit.ly/flintpope

Or watch this short vid below

Read more / purchase on GUMROAD 

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