REAKTOR geiger tips

How to get that old warped vinyl effect? How to randomly trigger sample playback?  Use  a Geiger unit to randomly generate information that can be used in two separate ways as in the diagram above to get these two startlingly different results.

  1. WARP: Hook it up (via a dial on Pitch and Dyn) to the Frequency Mod (F) on a LOOP SAMPLER.  In properties set dial to Max 12 Min 0 and then tweak this to get a random slur on sample playback much like a warped record. Much wow.
  2. RANDOM sample playback: Create a dial (knob) on the Dyn input of a Geiger unit. Hook it into a Maths (add) unit with another dial that says SELECT. Hook these both into the S(elect) input on the LOOP SAMPLER. Assuming you’ve pre-loaded a samplemap you can either manually scroll through the samples with the dial or more interestingly dial in an increasingly random playback selection with every midi-key press to create intriguing stutter effects, especially with drumloops.

Check out these tricks in action on the ATMOS+ ensemble HERE

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