Some musical ideas need experimental input. LAYERED by Flintpope is a set of 32 textures, some industrial, some ambient, many of them with a rhythmic element; some even contain broken beats. From faux orchestral to white noise tape hiss these sounds can either sit in the bed or take your track somewhere else. It’s up to you.


Flintpope is now a Native Instruments partner

The rapidly-growing platform already hosts more than 500,000 royalty-free sounds – from orchestral scoring to pop, rock, and trap – and new releases are added daily. Current sounds include loops and sample content from Native Instruments’ acclaimed Maschine Expansions – plus exclusive content from over 300 creators, including leading suppliers such as The Loop Loft, Puremagnetik and Symphonic Distribution. Curated collections from the team provide ready-made inspiration to producers of all skill levels and genres.

Get these LAYERED sounds here*

*USA only

If you can’t access these sounds because of your location, why not have a look at the two unique Kontakt instruments that made them? You can get these at a special LOW price and use them to create experimental loops and pads.





New stuff just in…


When real sounds don’t quite fulfil your needs try some physically modelled alternatives. SCULPTED is a set of 24 bnkkclngs made by on a well-known modelling synth.



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