This is a Reaktor 6 instrument consisting of 3 layers of 24 hypnotic ambient musical loops that play against each other to create complex, textured, atmospheric moods. Just hit the space bar to set the loops off and improvise along with the included mono-synth for hours of ENO-esque fun! SONGLINES is a great tool for creating unusual pads too: use Reaktor’s inbuilt recorder function to create fat, textural samples of your arrangements.


You get 72 loops in WAV format at 120 bpm.

You can happily downtempo to 105 and up to 140 before artefacts, and there are various FX (see LOOP DIALS below) to further randomise your mix.

The total possible combinations of loops is 72 x 72 (5184 variations) and that’s not factoring-in mute or solo into the possible arrangements. You don’t need to worry that your mixes will sound like anyone else’s.

You also get a live-play 4-wave mono-synth which features the same controls as below (see LOOP DIALS) plus fine-tune, attack, release and envelope dials. This can be a gritty bass-line or an ethereal 80’s style lead. Waveforms are SINE, TRIANGLE, SAW and PULSE. Pitch-wheel function (triggered by your keyboard) is routed to +-12 semitones so a lot of noodling is possible.

SONGLINES suits live performance or can be used in your DAW.

If multiple instances are used in the latter please re-load a fresh copy separately (don’t just copy track) to avoid a Reaktor loop meltdown.

All sounds and tune-snippets are Flintpope originals and completely royalty-free: if it sounds like someone else’s riff it isn’t. Care has been taken to ensure at least 99 percent of the loops all play nicely with each other and are mainly rooted in the key of C (can be re-tuned… see PITCH dial below).


Each loop, or LINE (you can see the waveform playback on each) has a set of twelve controls.

SELECTOR (LOOP*1 etc) chooses the loop number from 1-24. Playback is instant as you change it. If playback-sync glitches simply press RETRIG (see below).

PITCH Up or down an octave.

SHIMMER A switch effect (on or off). Randomly stutters between different loops in this song-line. This is the secret weapon of this ensemble (used also in FLINTPOPE’S ATMOS, DRUMLINES and DRUMBOX). Used against other loops it can create an interesting texture and delightfully broken feel.

JUMP Another quirky effect dial that acts Like a vinyl record when the needle jumps. Experiment with settings to get repetitive Steve Reich rhythms or modern stutter effects, especially when combined with SHIMMER.

MID is a simple mid-range cut or boost dial that helps clarify the mix in a busy set of loops.

CUT(off) and RESO(nance) control the VCF of each line (and mono-synth) individually to provide a wide range of tonal variation, especially when combined with the MID dial.

(Re)VERB and CHORUS do what it says on the tin.

VOLUME dial needs no further explanation, neither do S(OLO), M(UTE) or PAN L & R

The Master FX

COMP DIAL. Can be turned up full for maximum brute compression.

MASTER The master volume output dial.


RETRIG. Hit this to restart all the loops in sync if you want.

You also get seven presets as a taster.

Requires Reaktor 6 full version. FREE REAKTOR PLAYER NOT SUPPORTED

Haven’t got Reaktor 6? Why not consider purchasing this for the set of 72 soundloops? They are in a separate folder for easy access.

Reaktor power-users who are familiar with the Sample-map also get a folder with the three sample-maps so they can be used in other Reaktor samplers that use this function.

Again, Reaktor power-users should have no problem inserting their own loops or other sounds into this ensemble. Just ensure each sample is ROOT 60.




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