HORNFISH is a drag and drop granular sample player that lets you create surprising sounds via randomising playback parameters on the fly. These parameters are changed via mouse drag and/or buttons.

Long interesting samples (evolving pads for example) result in far better variations than short dull ones (kicks and snares for example).

There is a set of 10 bundled samples and 12 presets to demonstrate some possibilities with this instrument. Use the drop down menu to access the presets or double click “Embedded” in the presets side-pane.


Pitch Shift (CC14), Random Pitch, Root Note (CC15), Pitch Slide (CC16), Random Pitch Slide, Reverse Grain Direction, Playback Position (CC17 AND MOUSE DRAG),  Random Playback Position, Grain length (CC18), Random Grain Length, Grain Density (CC19), Pan Flip (CC26) and Master Level (CC28).

ADSR Envelope (CC22-25) and velocity sensitivity (CC26)


Echo: Mix Level (CC20),Time, L/R Mix, Feedback, Lo – Hi Cut and Sync to tempo.

Reverb: Amount (CC21), Lo – Hi Cut and Mix level.

Eight Pole Filter: Level (CC29), Centre Cut-off Frequencies, L/R  Cutoff Balance, Gap Cutoff Offset, Resonance and Lo/Hi Filter balance.

Visual Note

If the lower half of the waveform (green) becomes obscured by the oscilloscope (blue wave on grey BG) click the remaining top half of the waveform (green) to restore the complete picture.

General note regarding legibility of dials: enable info hints at top right of Reaktor header then hover over a dial for a pop-up description.

An important note on saving your own presets

When working with HORNFISH in REAKTOR standalone, save and load your Snapshots as Presets (File > Save Preset As / File > Open Preset) instead of just saving the Ensemble.

If you do not follow this method, HORNFISH will ask for “missing” samples when reloading the saved ensemble. This is an inherent feature of the way Reaktor handles samples.




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