A drag and drop granular sample player that can create surprising sounds with a few tweaks.

There is a set of bundled samples and presets to demonstrate some possibilities with this instrument. Double click “Embedded” in the presets side-pane to get to the snapshots.

Or dive in and drop your own.

Long interesting samples (a mix-down of a tune for example) result in far better variations than short dull ones (kicks and snares etc).

The ability to focus in on small details of a waveform (and morph them) is what makes HORNFISH tick, so a complex, busy sound can yield many more variations than a simple tone.

This is an update of a previous version so here’s what’s new:

Cleaner interface with readable sample waveform and rather hypnotic oscilloscope readout of note input and velocity.

Clearer dials with numerical positional readout.

A GUI that is easy on the eye.

Clear headers and groupings of controls.

Thirty-six new presets.



Pitch Shift CC14

Pitch Slide

Pitch Jitter CC24

Root Note CC22


Playhead (AND MOUSE DRAG) CC15

Position Jitter CC25

Grain Length

Length CC16

Reverse Play

Length Jitter CC26

Grain Density

Density CC17

Density Fine CC27

Density Jitter CC28


Size CC20

Lo cut

Hi cut

Mix CC1 or Modwheel



Velocity Sensitivity CC29

Master level CC19

Pan Flip CC18

An important note on saving presets!

When working with HORNFISH in REAKTOR standalone, save any new Presets (File > Save Preset As …… ) as well as saving the Ensemble.

Otherwise HORNFISH will ask for “missing” samples when reloading the saved ensemble. This is an inherent feature of the way Reaktor handles samples and not a Flintpope quirk.

A further note: it is good practice to add user samples to the samples folder that comes with HORNFISH when creating new presets with new material.



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