…is a sample player for REAKTOR featuring two drag and drop samplers. YOU CHOOSE.

Layer different pairs of sounds and tweak the various CONTROLS and FX to create new samples.

Record with Reaktor’s onboard recorder or use a DAW.


Start/Endpoint, Reverse, Stereo Position, Gain, Pitch, Mid, Bass, LFO on/off, LFO Rate, LFO Morph, ADSR, Velocity Sensitivity, Echo, 8 Pole Filter, Reverb and Master.

DROPSCAPER is 8-note polyphonic and requires the full version of Reaktor 6.

An important note on saving your own presets:

When working with DROPSCAPER in REAKTOR standalone, save and load your Snapshots as Presets (File > Save Preset As / File > Open Preset) instead of just saving the Ensemble. If you do not follow this method, DROPSCAPER will ask for the samples when reloading the saved ensemble. This is an inherent feature of the way Reaktor handles samples and not a Flintpope design error.

DROPSCAPER accepts audio files in the .aif and .wav format and is optimized for samples with a rate of 44.1 KHz.


SIMILAR KONTAKT instrument Layercake HERE 

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