Introducing MOLEKULES VST/AU rompler for Windows and Mac, with ten presets for sound-scape creators in any DAW. OK, this WAS free once but now its $1

A  pack of ten passive/aggressive sounds created by playing a piano sample at C3 into Native Instruments MOLEKULAR and recording the results.

MOLEKULAR is a highly versatile modular effects rack that produces movement in the sound – very useful if you need long and evolving pads that can sometimes take you by surprise. Who wants a lush Juno pad all the time anyway? Everyone else but you!

MOLEKULAR is also good at creating harsh environments as well as beautiful chasms of sound. You almost never hear the original piano sample but it lends its own sonic richness to the end-result.


PRESETS: The ten sounds are accessed via a drop-down list opened by clicking on the initial preset “Atmos”

Master controls are Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Pan and Gain. There is an LFO with separate controls for Rate, Depth, Waveform and Destination (try Expression as a Destination for peculiar results). There are two FX: Reverb and Pitch-shift.

PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO FACILITY TO AUTOMATE PARAMETERS VIA MIDI OR TO CONTROL DIALS VIA YOUR DAW.  However, changes to parameters made “by hand” in an instance of this instrument can be saved in your DAW (e.g. in Ableton “save live set as…”)

The download zip contains separate versions depending on which system you use. Just use the right one!




You may also be interested in the $1 Kontakt version here 


7 thoughts on “MOLEKULES VST/AU

  1. Nick, this is the only way I found to contact you. Just a heads up: here’s a note I sent to Gumroad today that I thought you should know about as well. Also, great, great work. Thank You for your generosity! Sent to Gumroad Support– “Just a heads up: I wanted to print out the details of a Flintpope Reaktor instrument I’d downloaded on Gumroad at but after entering the print preview mode on my Windows 10 PC, I noticed that all sorts of private information was now visible, including someone’s credit card number. Please see attached screenshot.


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