OK. It’s not free anymore! It’s a massive $1

DARK is a VST/AU for creating and playing rich, dark pads.

YOU GET eight Flintpope samples, all chosen for sonic richness, and for their suggestion of a darker space in your music. Any one sample on its own works nicely, but you can go on to mix different combinations of sounds to create up to 64 different variations.

Owners of Flintpope Palette will be familiar with the process here but please note all the DARK samples are new.

DARK has a very small screen-footprint so you can use multiple instances and STILL see your DAW! How many can you open before you blot out Ableton?

PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO FACILITY TO AUTOMATE PARAMETERS VIA MIDI OR TO CONTROL DIALS VIA YOUR DAW.  However, changes to parameters made “by hand” in an instance of this instrument can be saved in your DAW (e.g. in Ableton “save live set as…”)


Read more/DL on Gumroad





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