Palette is a VST/AU for creating and playing rich, evolving pads on Mac and Windows platforms.

Inspired by the look of a paintbox there are eight coloured rectangles. Each one is a trigger for a sample. The colour changes to red to let you know which ones are in use.There are eight Flintpope samples, all chosen for sonic richness, depth and atmosphere. Any one sample on its own is a fine pad, but you can go on to mix different combinations of sounds to create up to 64 different variations.


Each pad has a dedicated Gain and Pan dial.

Master controls are Attack, Release and Master Volume. There is an LFO with separate controls for Rate, Depth, Waveform, Destination and Source (try Expression as a Destination for peculiar results). There is a three-option Voice Mode with a Glide dial for mono and legato settings. There is a two-option Filter with Cutoff dial. Finally there are three FX: Vinyl, Reverb and Pitch-shift.

PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO FACILITY TO AUTOMATE PARAMETERS VIA MIDI OR TO CONTROL DIALS VIA YOUR DAW.  However, changes to parameters made “by hand” in an instance of this instrument can be saved in your DAW (e.g. in Ableton “save live set as…”)

The download zip contains separate versions depending on which system you use. Just use the right one!


15 thoughts on “PALETTE VST/AU

  1. Nice VST, but, could you make it so the controls are exposed to hosts? It would be great to be able to assign external controllers, like in Akai’s VIP, and via MIDI CC.



    1. Yes, I agree on that control thing. I am using Maize Sampler to make these and I am still noobish. Having said that, I have a Vst made by another developer made on Maize and the same lack of assignable controls is there too. It may be an inherent limitation of the software; I shall do some research.


  2. In the archive, the folder “Flintpope Palette Windows 64 Bit ” has a space at the end. Not sure about other OSes, but in Windows 8.1 this is causing me issues: it’s impossible to move or delete the folder. I solved it by making another “Flintpope Palette Windows 64 Bit” folder with no space at the end, in my 64bit vstplugins folder. Then move the files from the broken folder into the new one. Finally, go into a command prompt and use “dir /x” to find the simple version of the folder name. I should be “FLINTP~4”. Finally, type “rmdir FLINTP~4” to remove the broken folder.

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    1. Hi Jyrki, you don’t open the VST file you drag and drop it into your vst folder (you need to know where this is- probably Library/audio/plug-ins/vst). Then get your DAW to rescan the vst folder then it will appear in the plug-ins list in the DAW. I use Mac and have no trouble – the Palette vst was created on a Mac.


  3. This VST is dope but is there any way you could make preset sounds to access easier. Other than that works great!


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