Do you need some layered sounds for texture in your track? Try this set of 9 multi instruments using different pairs of 18 individual Flintpope soundscapes.

Each instrument has 10 user-friendly dials to change parameters that radically affect each sound.

(Takes a breath)

Because you can layer any combination you like of these 18 sounds in MANIPULATOR there are 324 variations available before any further dial-twiddling needs to occur.

(Takes another breath)

Because you can also replace any sounds in MANIPULATOR with your own samples and apply 10 parameter changes to each you can possibly never run out of variations.

All enclosed samples are Flintpope originals, layered and morphed on Reaktor Polyplex by forgetting it is supposed to be a drum machine. They are all chosen for immense length and for having surprising evolving properties. All sounds are copyright-free so use them however you wish.


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